Designs by jmb is available for hire for a variety of events and needs. Designs by jmb offers the following services:

Event Photography
Stock Photography

Company and Event Branding
Marketing Products
Print and Digital Newsletters
Wedding Branding

Mobile Responsive Web Design

Social Media Marketing

Past Clients

Cape Fear Academy
Coastal Transplants
Elite Escapes Travel Agency
Finster Festival
Go Time Race Management Company
Mobile Business Services
Paradise Gardens
Progressive Center for Independent Living
Sealed with a Kiss English Toffee
We Are War Paint
Willie Stargell Celebrity Golf Tournament
Without Limits Coaching

AJ and Jamie B. - Holiday Card Photos
Audrey T. - Birthday Invitation
Christy F. - Party Photographer
Trisha E. - Birthday Invitation

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  • Newest Little Tarheel!

  • I am sure you've noticed the lack of updates....that's because I am on maternity leave with my new bundle of joy! Course that hasn't stop me from photographing my sweet bundle of joy! So, here's a warning....lots of infant photos to come - like this one! Need photos of your lil one? Email me - we can discuss your options!

  • The ugly truth about homepage sliders.

    Our themes don't have sliders... Because sliders suck. • Yoast
    Last Tuesday we released our first three themes, and this will be the first post in a series that will explain what themes should and should not have. These posts will also explain why we made certain choices regarding our themes. With the release came a storm of reactions, some downright negative,…